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Should You Hybrid Your Tennis Strings

Should You Hybrid Your Tennis Strings

January 22, 2018 5 Comments

First of all….What is a hybrid? 

A hybrid is simply two different strings on the mains and crosses. it could be a combination of any two different strings (even if they are the same type of string.…as in two different polyesters.)


Why Should I hybrid my strings?

The main reason is to get the benefits of two different types of string. 


Here are some of the main examples of why we put people in a hybrid.

  1. You like to play with a polyester, but you struggle with tennis elbow.
  2. You like the spin of a polyester but want a bit more power.
  3. You like Multifilaments, but you break strings too quickly.
  4. You like a soft string bed but need more spin.

In other words:

  1. If you play with a bed of a pure multifilament, such as X-One Byphase or Babolat X-Cel, adding a polyester will give you more durability, spin, and control.
  2. If you play with a polyester, such as Babolat RPM blast, or Luxilon Alu Power, adding a multifilament will soften the string bed, and generally add a bit more power to your game.


What are the most common types of Hybrids?

The most common hybrid we do here at the shop is a polyester on the mains and a multifilament on the crosses. However, sometimes we will do a polyester with a synthetic gut or even a polyester with a natural gut: In fact, when we strung racquets for the WTA, a polyester with a natural gut was the most common hybrid.


Which string goes in the mains and which in the crosses?

Normally we put the polyester in the mains but some players like the multifilament in the mains.  The thing to note here is that whatever string is in the mains is  the string you will feel the most.


Here’s a few good combination choices:

  1. Tecnifibre Black Code and Tecnifibre X-One Biphase
  2. Babolat RPM Blast and Babolat Xcel
  3. Head Hawk Touch and Head FXP Tour

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